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Remembering Bob Steward

Bob passed away April 23, 2014, after a brief illness. Your memories of Bob Steward are welcome here.

Remembering Bob Steward

Bob is my older brother, and he taught me both the automotive trade, as well as a love of aviation. He shared his time, talents, interests and helped mold and shape my career path into where I am today. If not for him, I would not be the man I am today! His love of flying, working with all things mechanical, and more importantly his devotion to providing service to others in their time of need is a great example that I hope to be able to live up to one day. Bob, you will be missed! - Dave Steward

The value that Bob Steward brought to the aviation - and specifically, Grumman - communities was vast and wide-reaching. The void left by his passing will likely never be filled.

Bob was a damn fine man, one of the finest I'll ever met. - Greg Amy

One of the finest men I've ever met. I feel the loss already. - Joe Campbell

Bob taught me the real difference between mechanic theory and real practice. I will miss being able to have discussions with him on some of the finer points.

I remember with great fondness the call I got right after an event in 2001 at Blue Ash, when Bob called and asked if I could go and retrieve Gwen's portable rocker. Bob and I tried 5 different times to both make flyins where I could return the chair. I started logging the flight and stops on the chair with a Sharpie. It was not until Cody in 2002 that I could return it with many frequent flyer miles. I have many such stories of Bob and the times he stayed after to help planes get home. My heart is just refusing to believe what my mind has accepted. To live a life like his would never be a wasted life. Blue Skies - Roscoe

Bob was a valued friend, a Master Craftsman, fellow aviator and enthusiast. He was the fastest sheet metal craftsman I have ever seen and when he was in the zone, there was never a move wasted. I had talked to him earlier in the year about some problems, and he was quick with both advice and offers of help. His passing makes the world a lesser place. - Scott Jernigan

Bob was a wonderful human being, having the best traits of knowledge, wisdom, passion and generosity. He would spend countless amounts of time sending detailed e-mails to help the Grumman owners and pilots out. Thank you, Bob. -Bill Wilson