OK, so I got a nice start on the engine swap but I never created a page about who I am (duh, I guess you want my name too huh).

Steve Roberts, private pilot 2004, my first plane and probably my last as she fits all of my needs. To pay for this I get to play with America's largest electric train set. I have no control over which train is on which track. I do get to control the power for the trains though. It's like working with ATC but for trains. Other hobbies besides flying include motorcycles, wheelin' in my Jeep TJ, recreational shooting (1911 variants are my favorite).

TW signoff as I was this () close to buying Andy Elliot's TD 481HY.

N641HY Currently based at ILG Wilmington DE

Larger sunset photo at Queen City. One of the nicest shot I have of 64L

I got started flying late in life compared to most other pilots I know. 64L is my first plane and although she was in very nice condition when I bought her, like many other Grumman owner/pilots the need to improve her from the beginning was there. I attended my 1st AYA convention in 2004 at Baraboo WI the summer after I bought her. I soloed in her five days before I left for the convention. I flew with Dave Scull in his Tiger for what turned into one of many more flights in our wonderful type AC. Later that year I got my check ride in 64L. After my trip to OSH with my cousin I got to thinking hard about an O320 upgrade. Once I flew with Paul Tolini in his O320 powered AA1C I realized how much she (and I) really needed the O320 upgrade.

The pages within here will show what improvements I've made to her since I've owned her. The updates are not being posted here chronologically as I started off building the page for the engine swap. The photo to the left is after the engine upgrade and before the paint.

The Airplane

1973 AA1B (Trainer)

A little over 4200 hours as of 2/2009

New paint and changed N number 8/2007 (only about 25% really)

MOH w/O320 upgrade 4/2007

Battery relocated behind baggage compartment

Whelen three position strobes

XeVision HID landing light

IFR capable panel (for when I take the time to get that ticket) VFR- For now...

EI Superclock (won it in Baraboo 2004)

EI FP-5L fuel totalizer

DMA wheel pants

Aux tanks (5 gal each wing)

Interior all that's left to do