Hanger Winch

Overview of the winching system
Rings welded to tow bar with snap hooks attached
Yellow poly rope is attached to winch cable (easier to handle). Pully rides on rope to even the pull to both sides of the nose wheel while steering.

I use a winch to pull my tiger into the hanger. I do NOT attach the winch to the tail or the steps. See the tail tiedown repair page for an example of possible damage from a winch. I have rings welded to the towbar where it attaches to the nose wheel. A snap hook connects a 6 ft rope from one side of the nose wheel to the other side. Riding on the rope is a pully to which is attached the winch cable. The pulling load is kept centered by the pully while I steer. This works great and puts the winching force where you normally would manually with the towbar.

Brad Keleher