Structural Repair


The maintenance manual has an extensive collection of structural repair details. Many cover "Grumman only" procedures like splicing the firewall and cabin floor with a factory repair section, or replacing the entire tailcone from the honeycomb aft.

There are also numerous factory repairs for mistakes made on the factory floor. These can be very helpful in the field to repair worn and damaged components.

The factory also published Service Kit 125A instructions which are the basis for repair of any debonded joint on the plane. The original need was because of the problems with debonding early-on from the "purple glue", but there are other debonding and repair issues that can be addressed with the factory supplied data.

Because of the relatively unique construction of the Grummans, most shops are not familiar with repairs to honeycomb and bonded structures. A considerable amount of material has been added to AC 43.13-1B Change 1, that deals with bonded and honeycomb repairs.

Common Structural Repairs

Major Structural Repairs