Sample Binder

Checklist binder.jpg

One option for checklists for those of us who don't like looking at the microscopic print on some of the commercial ones is to make our own on a PC. The best format for this is a surplus Air Force Crew Checklist binder - usually obtainable at aviation surplus places, e-bay and major fly-ins (I got mine at the Copperstate fly-in). These binders come with clear plastic page covers that will take a slightly trimmed down 8.5 x 11 paper folded in two. They are tough, easy to open up and fold over so you are only looking at a half page at one time. With the slide in sheets, they are easy to change if you want to customise a checklist to your requirements - You could add a "Check cell phone OFF" line as an example. You can also leave a few slide in pages empty at the end and use them for the FAA kneeboard size PDF taxi diagrams of the towered airports you visit.

To help you get started, here are my checklists made as a MSword document. Check out the readability of the larger size fonts!

They cover Normal Operation, Emergencies and Preflight in 12 sheets, with clear section titles. I printed the Emergency pages on colored paper to make them easy to find. Gil Alexander

Sample AA-5B knots Check List