Replacement of stock vacuum gauge with UMA 1-inch model

On most AA5x's the 2-1/4" vacuum gauge is located on the right side of the instrument panel just above the glove box. Because I fly IFR, I have always wanted the vacuum gauge in the primary instrument cluster, where I would discover a vacuum failure immediately. I used the installation of an EI FP-5P fuel management computer as an opportunity to accomplish this, I:

(1) removed and discard the 2-1/4" vacuum gauge.

(2) relocated the electric clock from the upper-left of the panel into the hole left by the vacuum gague.

(3) installed he EI FP-5P fuel management computer into the hole left by the electric clock.

(4) installed the UMA 1-inch vacuum gauge to the left of the attitude indicator.

(5) discarded the existing air hoses and replaced with new.

The completed FAA Form 337 is at:

-- Joe Campbell