The AG5B was manufactured from 1990 to 1993 by American General Aircraft company in Greenville, MS, and starting in 2001 by Tiger Aircraft in Martinsburg, West Virginia. It was marketed as the Tiger.

AG5B Serial Numbers
Year First Last
1990 AG5B-09997 AG5B-10009
1991 AG5B-10010 AG5B-10096
1992 AG5B-10097 AG5B-10150
1993 AG5B-10151 AG5B-10178
2001 AG5B-10201 AG5B-xxxx
2002 AG5B-xxxx AG5B-10214
2003 AG5B-10215 AG5B-10230
2004 AG5B-10231 AG5B-xxxx
2005 AG5B-xxxx AG5B-10250
2006 AG5B-10251 AG5B-xxxx
Bondline Contributors Who Own or Fly AG5Bs
Name Year SN N Number Handle Country
Your Name Model Year Serial Number Tail Number Your Plane's Nickname Country
Joe Abley 1992 10127 C-FBLY None Canada
Ned Thomas 2001 10202 N923TE None USA
Mike Babin 2004 10233 N954TE None USA
Russ Filbey 2005 10243 N964TE Silver Sister USA