The AA5B Tiger was manufactured from 1975 to 1979 by Grumman American (later Gulfstream American.) Gulfstream ceased production of all piston-engined aircraft in 1979 and the highly successful Tiger design went out of production after 1,323 aircraft had been delivered.

AA5B Serial Numbers
Year First Last
1975 AA5B-0001 AA5B-0110
1976 AA5B-0111 AA5B-0399
1977 AA5B-0400 AA5B-0692
1978 AA5B-0693 AA5B-0905
1979 AA5B-0906 AA5B-1323
Bondline Contributors Who Own or Fly AA5Bs
Name Year SN N Number Handle City Country Notes
Wes Chapman 1976 AA5B-0121 N74080 Vidalia, GA USA
Kevin Olinger 1976 AA5B-0183 N9242Z Studio City, CA USA
Frank Sundram 1976 AA5B-0194 N200FW Davenport, IA USA
Greg Amy 1977 AA5B-0537 N81140 New Haven, CT USA
Gil Alexander 1977 AA5B-0635 N12GA Tigger Tucson, AZ USA was N28478
Richard Dale 1979 AA5B-0991 VH-IGI Iggy Perth Australia Available for hire.
David Steward 1979 AA5B-1105 N4525P Memphis, TN USA
Brisbane Flying Group 1979 AA5B-1139 VH-WPQ Brisbane Australia BFG
Brisbane Flying Group 1979 AA5B-1238 VH-WPZ Brisbane Australia BFG
Brisbane Flying Group 1979 AA5B-1299 VH-WPM Brisbane Australia BFG
Jack Horn 1979 AA5B-1304 N4539S Houston, TX USA