The AA5A was manufactured from 1976 to 1977 by Grumman American, and 1978 to 1979 by Gulfstream Aerospace. There were 900 AA5As produced, 640 by Grumman American and 260 by Gulfstream Aerospace. It was marketed as the Cheetah.

AA5A Serial Numbers
Year First Last
1976 AA5A-0001 AA5A-0282
1977 AA5A-0283 AA5A-0522
1978 AA5A-0523 AA5A-0670
1979 AA5A-0671 AA5A-0900
Bondline Contributors Who Own or Fly AA5As
Name Year SN N Number Handle
Dennis King 1976 AA5A-0018 N9652U none
John Garman 1976 AA5A-0095 N9595U none
Jason Bowman 1976 AA5A-0149 N9749U none
Mike Boyd 1976 AA5A-0211 N9811U none
Dennis King 1977 AA5A-0321 N9921U none
Roger Rucker 1978 AA5A-0557 N26390 none
John Horton 1978 AA5A-0612 N26465 none
Mike Bowman 1979 AA5A-0884 N3772C none