The AA5 was manufactured from 1972 to 1975 by American Aviation in Cleveland, and by Grumman American in Cleveland and Savannah. It was marketed as the Traveler.

AA5 Serial Numbers
Year First Last
1972 AA5-0001 AA5-0154
1973 AA5-0155 AA5-0405
1974 AA5-0406 AA5-0640
1975 AA5-0641 AA5-0834
Bondline Contributors Who Own or Fly AA5s
Name Year SN N Number Handle City Country Notes
John Bunker 1972 AA5-0038 N5838L 38 Lima San Jose, CA USA Red
Loy Rickman 1972 AA5-0066 N5866L Sixty-Six Lima Sunrise Beach, MO USA Pepsi Blue over Imron Cream. Original paint pattern
Bob Salman 1972 AA5-0219 N5819L 19 Lima Gilmer, GA USA Red/white/blue
Larry Lymburner 1973 AA5-0207 N5798L Lehigh Acres FL USA Number originally assigned to an AA1 which went to Canada
Robyn Edwards 1973 AA5-0282 VH-ETT bETTy Perth, WA Australia bETTy's web page
Steve Davis 1974 AA5-0624 N7124L 24 Lima Bakersfield, Ca USA Blue Cowl w/red strips over white body
Steve White 1974 AA5-0626 N749MC 9MC Piggott,AR USA PF,HC,SENS,DMA MODS
Tom Prevost 1975 AA5-0672 N67TP 67 TP Frederick, MD USA Formerly N7172L
Jim Cantrell 1975 AA5-0697 N7197L 97 Lima Jackson, MS USA Refurbishing