The AA1B was manufactured from 1973 to 1976 by Grumman American. It was marketed as the Trainer and the TR-2.

AA1B Serial Numbers
Year First Last
1973 AA1B-0001 AA1B-0237
1974 AA1B-0238 AA1B-0445
1975 AA1B-0446 AA1B-0550
1976 AA1B-0551 AA1B-0655
Bondline Contributors Who Own or Fly AA1Bs
Name Year SN N Number Handle
Your Name Model Year Serial Number Tail Number Your Plane's Nickname
Thomas & Christine Micke 1972 AA1B-0011 N6211L Mighty Mouse [1]
Steve Roberts 1973 AA1B-0164 N641HY
Chris Carlson 1973 AA1B-0179 N9679L Thumper
Linn Walters 1973 AA1B-0200 N9900L
Atakan Sobay 1974 AA1B-0436 N8986L
Roger Roy 1974 AA1B-0460 N9869L
Ben Kamen 1974 AA1B-0471 N9871L N9871L
David Steward 1976 AA1B-0568 N160DF Money Pit
Deems Herring 1976 AA1B-0591 N1491R