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== Grumman St. picture moved == 2006/4/2

I decided that it was silly to put the Grumman Street sign on the main page, and moved it to my User page. --Bob Steward

== Bob Steward == 2006/3/27 I just found my picture taken last August in the San Francisco area (at OAK?) of Grumman Street, and thought I'd try it out here. Perhaps its over the top, but I like it.

Gil Alexander 2006/3/5

I was thinking about more generic items

1. Precision Hose Technology (PHT) - quick response, and reasonable prices for teflon hoses.

Bob Steward 2006/2/4

Sure, who besides FletchAir has a web page we should link to? I've already included them in several in article links. --Bob

Gil Alexander 2006/2/22

Bob ... how about a section on suggested suppliers with links to web pages? gil A

Steve Williams 2006/1/21

I don't have a strong opinion on a "different look."

Bob Steward 2006/1/21: Decluttering main page

If we are in agreement, then I'll create the Maintenance and Operations pages and move the Main page links.

If you want a different look, what would it be?


Steve Williams 2006/1/20

Yes, we can add levels of hierarchy as necessary, as more content is added.

I still wish MediaWiki had a categorization system that would build the indexes automatically. Oh, well.

Bob Steward 2006/1/21

Looks good to me, if we can finally get some operations content going.

I'd say that as we move forward we ought to have LESS links on the main page.

Why not just have "Operations" and "Maintenance" in place of the current list of maintenance topics, and those can all be moved to the Maintenance page. An Operations page can then list those categories and link to their pages. Its going to get cluttered if we have 20+ categories all on the main page.

Steve Williams 2006/1/20

It's not urgent, but I'm thinking of an organization something like this:

  • Operations
    • General
    • Preflight
    • Taxi
    • Takeoff
    • Cruise
    • Approach
    • Landing
    • Parking and Storage
  • Maintenance
    1. General
      • Required Information and Documentation
      • Logbooks and Recording
    2. Servicing
    3. Airframe
    4. Landing Gear
    5. Control Systems
    6. Powerplant
    7. Fuel System
    8. Instrumentation
    9. Structural Repair
    10. Electrical Systems

Of course, you'll recognize the maintenance categories as those in the Service Manual.