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There are frequent requests on the Grumman Gang for Grumman savvy mechanics. The hope is that we may build a database here, similar to the concept of TripAdvisor. The list should be organized by State, and then by field. Under state, insert the field in alphanumeric order, and then insert your mechanic. Please comment good or bad, but try to be fair. The reality is that someone may be excellent, but an owner may have a bad experience. That's fine, and expected. Just be straight, and at least the reader can make more informed decisions. Additionally, please inject a link to your user page after your comments. This will afford some sort of accountability, as well as give readers a source to query if needed.

Policy Change for this page. The intent is to solicit comments and personal recommendations, unlike the rest of Bondline, which is intended to be factual or instructive in the comments, with the content being neutral to individuals or companies. To claim your comments, good or bad, on this page, you must identify yourself with a link to your user page, and begin and end your comments with quotation marks, to separate factual information (name, location, phone numbers, etc.) from your personal experiences, praise, or criticism. Everyone is welcome to add to this page, but do not edit other contributor's quoted comments.

Link each of your comments to your user page, e.g. Bob Steward, like so:

[[User:Bob_Steward|Bob Steward]]

To learn how to format your entries, look at one of the other entries or read the Wikitext Help.


D&T Paint, Mena, AR

Stephen Coffey: "In February, 2008, they painted my airplane, and did an acceptable $3,500 single color job. Communication is horrible. Yes, there are details I would have done differently myself, but didn't have time. I would NOT have them do anything unless you set up a $500 to start, $1000 after you strip it and send me pictures, yaddah yaddah type of plan."


Gary Vogt, AuCountry Aviation, AUN (Auburn, CA; east of Sacramento)

David Troup: "Gary is one of a small handful of true Grumman gurus in the USA. He only works on Tigers and Cheetahs and knows just about everything there is to know about them. He's a perfectionist - with all that entails - but that's exactly the kind of person I want working on my plane. Gary has also designed a number of upgrades for Grummans, including a replacement lower cowling that improves cooling, performance and appearance. His website is"

Mike McCarthy, Spider's Aircraft, MYF (San Diego Area)

Stephen Coffey: "In May, 2007, I was looking at an airplane in the San Diego area, and Mike did a prebuy. He did it almost immediately, and called after he found a couple of items, giving me his impression. This decision saved me a good deal of money as I eliminated the airplane before he spent a ton of time on it. I really appreciated that. He seemed very type-knowlegeable."


Jim Russell, N74 Chorman Airport - Farmington, DE (about a dozen clicks south of Dover AFB)

Steve Roberts: "In the summer of '07 I wanted to paint 64L. After speaking to Jim and finding out about his back log, I took his recommendation of just painting the parts of my plane that needed painting (only about 25%). I like the kind of businessman who is willing to give away work in hopes that when you are in need of his specific services you will come back. He is geared up to do one plane at a time. The work he has done is superb. There are several Grumman owners in the MidAtlantic Region who have had their planes painted there. I know of one that is on the cover of the Star. Contact me directly and I can point you to the guy who did the paint at 58M."


PDK (Atlanta):

Steve Sirmer, AP/IA 404-788-3616

Stephen Coffey, February, 2009: "I was referred to Steve in late 2008. Nice guy, very reasonable, and has helped out with that 'needed this week' item for which it didn't make sense for Bob Steward to run over from Alabama. Seems knowlegable and very honest from my limited dealings. Definitely an option."

Bob Steward, AP/IA

Stephen Coffey, February, 2009: "Experience over 2007-2009. There are just times you don't want anyone else to work on your airplane, if you live in the southeast. If I lived in Birmingham, nobody else ever WOULD work on my airplane. Due to the travel, small things don't make sense to have him travel over, but for most things I absolutely recommend Bob. The job gets done right, and you learn a whole lot in the process. We've installed a new engine, R&R wings, fuel tank work, swapped fuses for breakers, replaced spinner bulkhead, all kinds of things in a short period of time."

Mark Clowdus, AP

Stephen Coffey, February, 2009: "I have occasionally used Mark for two airplanes over the past few years. Mark is thorough, but I've come to question some of his comments. On two airplanes at prebuy, he noted a rotten alternator belt. One of those had been replaced with new 3 months earlier! I've had mixed results, as have others on field. I requested an owner assisted annual at one time, and was turned down. He has insisted that my airplane, despite being 30 years old, needs 12-inch numbers. There are just better options available."


Excel-Air Services - KRZL (Jasper County Airport), Rensselaer, Indiana:

Peter Kuhns: "There are a handful of Grumman expert mechanics in the U.S. Excel-Air is one of them. Their prices are fair, the labor is exceptional, and the atmosphere - for those who do owner-assisted annuals - is enjoyable. Although the shop maintains many different aircraft types, their specialty remains Grummans. They have the equipment and knowledge to fix any problem they encounter with bonded aluminum, wet wings, Lycomings, among other things. They also allow owner-assisted annuals, which is a multi-faceted benefit to the Grumman owner. At the time of this entry (Apr 2017) I have owner-assisted 6 annuals and also a separate owner-assisted, two-week engine swap. Every visit has been hugely educational and worth the time-cost in triplicate.


Roger Robinson A&P/IA, Cecil Aero, 58M (Cecil County Airport)

Steve Roberts: "Roger is a very knowledgeable A&P/IA. Retired from Delta now he has been maintaining numerous Grumman type AC for many years. He is willing to allow owner assisted maintenance or drop it off and pick it up when she is ready. Roger worked with me and my painter when I wanted to paint 'just the parts that needed paint.'"

Hagerstown Aircraft Services, Hagerstown Airport (HGR):

Charlie Bobbish: "Hagerstown Aircraft Services has maintained my Tiger since 2002. They have painted it, replaced the interior, and upgraded the panel. They do things right, at a reasonable price, and with honesty and integrity."


1H0 (Creve Coeur Airport) Jaime LeBlanc, AP/IA

Ben Kamen, February, 2009: "Jaime's a crazy cajun who used to work for TWA and has been painting and fixing airplanes for decades. A real craftsman whose prices are reasonable. He knows Grummans as he works on both 2 and 4 seaters regularly. (He usually fixes a few paint jobs from Mena, AR every year too) He's pretty laid back (read: "sometimes slow" with getting the work done. Sometimes it's because his schedule is hectic, sometimes it's due to weather (painting is a touchy thing as we know and he's a perfectionist)), but he gets the job done and the results are well worth it. He did the paint on my 74' AA-1B in 2004, but we had a lot of fixing to do on the plane and everything came out very nice. He also repaired the fiberglass on my front nosewheel and 2 years later you still can't tell."


Roscoe Rosche A&P/IA, Yankee Aviation, KHAO (Butler County Regional - Hogan Field)
Roscoe has been working on Grummans for 20 plus years and has studied with the Guru Ken Blackman and the guys at Fletchair. His attitude is a bad day in the hangar is better than a good day in the office. Passionate about the line and a font of historical stories about the line. He also has the 4-seat prototype, the Patriot - AA2, in his storage bay as well as Yankee serial number 0002, the oldest girl in the fleet. Yankee Aviation


Jay Shearer A&P/IA, Shearer Aviation, 9D4 (Deck Airport)

Steve Roberts: "Jay is a very knowledgeable A&P/IA. Has been maintaining numerous Grumman type AC for many years. He is willing to allow owner assisted maintenance or drop it off and pick it up when she is ready. Jay worked with me when I upgraded to the O320. I also had Jay sign off for other work such as Xevision HID light and a Whelen strobe kit. No pencil whipping from this shop."

Ben Travis A&P/IA, Smart Avionics, 9D4 (Deck Airport)

Steve Roberts: "Ben and his crew at Deck worked with me on my panel upgrade. Like Jay, he allowed me to owner assist when I did this work. He also worked with me when I installed the Superclock and FP-5L."


WA25 (Green Valley) Granite Falls

Ken Blackman - AirModsNW The home of the Guru, Ken's shop is one of our two major supplier of parts for our planes. The work out of this shop is exceptional. AirModsNW

SHN (Shelton, WA)

Harold Haynes, AP/IA

Stephen Coffey: "In Nov 2007 I bought an airplane that Harold's team had been maintaining. I cannot comment on working with Harold, but there seemed to be a LOT of things unaddressed in the airplane that I now own, and had been under his care for 10 years. I know this is somewhat typical, as I've owned several airplanes, but this one was a bit more disappointing than normal. This may be at the behest of the owner, but I feel that at least some of it should have prevented labeling log books with 'found to be in airworthy condition.'"

Olympic Air

Stephen Coffey: "In November, 2007, They did the prebuy on my airplane. They did not want to do a wobble test, and talked me out of it. That cost me about 20 grand. They did not notice that the outboard wing section on the left side had been replaced, and unlogged. Fortunately I found the owner from 1974 and resolved this to the satisfaction of the guys I reluctantly contacted at the FSDO (dumb move, by the way). This is noticeable because of the purple glue in a '72 airplane, which I feel a Grumman savvy mechanic who actually inspected the airplane would have noticed. Essentially, I'm quite sure that the list of items to check I had sent was not so thoroughly checked. I'd travel the plane for another mechanic as opposed to using these guys."