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The U.S. Centennial of Flight Commission produced an extensive history of Grumman, Post World War II to 1994.

Serial Numbers of Grumman Aircraft
Model First Last Years
AA1 AA1-001 AA1-0459 1968-1971
AA1A AA1A-0001 AA1A-0470 1970-1972
AA1B AA1B-0001 AA1B-0591 1973-1976
AA1C AA1C-0001 AA1C-0211 1977-1978
AA5 AA5-0001 AA5-0834 1972-1975
AA5A AA5A-0001 AA5A-0900 1976-1979
AA5B AA5B-0001 AA5B-1323 1974-1979
GA7 GA7-0001 GA7-0115 1978-1979
AG5B AG5B-99998 AG5B-10176 1989-1993
AG5B AG5B-10201 AG5B-10252 2002-2006

The model year dates are similar to automobile year models, in that new year production began in the fall of the previous year (September), so there are some that were registered by the FAA during the Fall of the year before the manufacturer's model year, and may show on FAA records to be the earlier calendar year, rather than the model year the manufacturer claims. This becomes less and less important as the planes age, but can be confusing when someone offers a "1975 Cheetah" for sale, when Grumman says that 1976 was the first model year for the Cheetah.

The serial number database above was taken from the manufacturing records, and should be helpful in overcoming disputes about "what year IS it?", when comparing planes.