How to put air in the tire with wheel pants

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the 45 degree angle is important

Tools Needed

  • source of compressed air
  • 45 degree tire chuck
  • 45 degree air pressure gauge

note the paint mark on the tire
Tire pressure 001a.jpg

Next question - Where is the tire valve? If you don't have the valve marked in some way you have to bend down and feel for the valve. Can't feel it, get up reposition the plane, bend down check again, etc until you find it. This exercise is repeated for each tire!

I have marked the location of the tire valves with red paint. On the main tires the mark is on the inside of the tire so that it can be seen from the nose of the plane. On the nose tire the mark is directly below the valve.

Tire pressurea.jpg

Main Wheels

Tire pressure 008.jpg
the 45 angle and the 7:00 position line up well

Position the plane so that the copilot side tire has the valve at the 7:00 position. Reach up, remove the valve stem cap and gently pull down (a small amount) on the tire valve. You should then be able to place the air chuck or pressure gauge on the tip. Add or release air as needed to the get the correct tire pressure. Pulling the valve stem down a little won't hurt it, especially if you change tubes with each tire.

For the pilot side position the wheel so that the valve is at 5:00 and repeat above.

pulling the stem a small amount won't hurt it

Nose Wheel

valve stem just inside the wheel pant
again the 45 degree angle makes a good fit

The nose wheel is in my opinion the easiest. Just position the plane so that the nose wheel valve is at the bottom or 6:00 position. The nose wheel is a different size and has a different valve stem compared to the main wheels. Its valve stem is metal and comes out of the wheel at a 90 degree right angle. Just remove the valve stem cap and add or release air as needed to obtain the desired tire pressure.

Replace the valve cap and your done. It really isn't difficult. It does require that you get on your hands and knees so a clean, paved ramp/hangar floor is nice.