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The Tiger back plate assembly must be correctly installed to ensure that the propeller drive lugs in the crankshaft are correctly lined up. Since the common spinner change to the newer "Globe spinner installation" referenced in the Type Certificate (consisting of Bulkhead Assembly Aft 5506008-505, Bulkhead Assembly Fwd 5506010-503, Doubler 5506011-3 and Spinner 5506009-3) the propeller drive lugs have only about 0.060 of an inch protruding into the rear of the prop spacer...

This picture shows how much of the bushing protrudes out from the back plate to drive the prop spacer. Only four bushings actually produde out, the other two are recessed. This picture was taken with a new back plate that was clamped down to the flywheel/crank with a few short bolts in the other locations.


This is a common failure mode caused by incorrect propeller installation...


Have a helper hold the spinner backplate tight against the crankshaft drive lugs while the prop and spacer is being bolted on. Keep holding it in place until the prop bolts are snugged down.